14 Nov – 13 Dec 2014 Front Space

On display are photographs that Nikos Pantazopoulos hermetically prepared in the studio. These austere pictures are made with his body and with the assistance of light. The mark of the artist is set onto the surface of the photographic paper as he pushes and pulls on the shirt, the jacket and his body that he wears – as it conceals and exposes a compound of actions within the frame and beyond the frame. In focus, out of focus, black, white, shades, tones, flatness, depth. The surfaces of the images obstruct and conceal flashes of a body. A body in an event, that desires an event, that performs for the event. The stasis of movement is captured to emphasize the indexical abstractions of labour inherent in the production of the work. Pantazopoulos fetishizes the material used in the photographer’s studio and the post-production space as ready- mades to build a sculptural form. With cotton and ink, processed to a pulp he casts and projects to mark this event to mark this site.